Texture Coatings

Textured coatings can enhance the appearance of ordinary walls whilst adding additional element of protection against moisture and weathering. Contact us if you have questions regarding our Texture Coating Program.

Texture Coating are highly durable, high build acrylic with a texture scratch coat involving graded aggregates. Texture coating is commonly used for internal surfaces such as ceilings and occasionally wall coverings.

Texture coating can also be used on external walls.  Texture coatings offer many finishes that differ in thickness and appearance. When texture coating is used as a topcoat it textured rather than a smooth finish.

We use several texture coating products such as Dulux Acra – Tex Arylic Texture Coating.  These products help make your property look good for a long period of time.

Weather Resistance - These products withstand the hard environment conditions as they can expand and contract.

Crack Resistant – These products also protect against alkali attack and prevent cracking from rendered substrates.