Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Coating

The chemicals used to create the graffiti and the surfaces it covers can dictate how difficult it is to remove. We’re experienced in graffiti removal and have the knowledge and equipment at hand. We use top of the range anti-graffiti coating to protect surfaces against graffiti making its removal extremely easy.

Hire Eddie Art Design Solution for graffiti removal in Sydney

Graffiti is a common, unsightly and offensive occurrence in urban areas. Painting over graffiti does not always work and trying to rub it with harsh chemicals can damage the surface. Eddie Art Design Solution Pty offers fast and effective graffiti removal in Sydney.

Why Choose Us

  • Removal of graffiti without causing abrasion or shadows

We use equipment which includes high pressure sprays, hot water and eco-friendly products to remove the most stubborn types of graffiti from your commercial premises. These allow us to remove graffiti from any surface without causing abrasion or shadows. Sometimes strong solvents are required and we adhere to safety precautions so we don't damage the surface material.

We are highly trained in recognizing the needs of different surfaces for graffiti removal. Our professionals ensure a seamless finish every time.

  • Quick response time and commitment to deliver in time

We pride ourselves in our response times. We will aim to leave your surface looking like it never had graffiti on it in the first place. In order to ensure minimal disruption, and when necessary we also work outside of peak hours. We have the most flexible and exceptional service for graffiti removal.

If we are required we will paint over the graffiti and will match the new paint with the original paint.

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Let the experienced staff at Eddie Art Design Solution help you with graffiti removal from your property in Sydney and improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape area. Feel free to call us now at TEL: 04 21 445 125.