Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. We have tradesmen that can provide you with rendering, carpentry or plastering services. Our painters are also qualified to assist with any small plastering needs.

Eddie Art Design Solution provides quick, free quotes and fast turnaround on all work to ensure your house is not sitting vacant for weeks on end in the Sydney area. We will help to get your house looking like new and ready to market potential tenants within budget.

We suggest painting prior to installing carpet. Should the carpet be replaced by floor boards, you should paint first, then sand floors and then we can return to the job site to paint the skirtings.

Each job is different, the start of your painting will depend on the size of the project and how much preparation work is required. We will provide you with a detailed quotation which will detail any concerned areas we identify. In consultation with you, we will develop a working schedule.

It is preferable to remove furniture from the area being painted. If that is not possible, place the furniture in the middle of the room. We are not removalists and are not perfect at moving furniture but are willing to do our best to accommodate.

Expect for floor sanding normally Eddie Art Design Solution painters and decorators arrive at the end of the project. When the floor sanding has finished we return to paint the skirting boards. We provide experienced at project management and coordinating tradesman. Please ask us if you are interested in this service.

Yes, we do. We can restore, and hand paint or spray paint your cabinets with high premium paint finish.

We can project management services and can coordinate other services with our established connections.

We will make an assessment, find the cause of the problem and inform you about eradication.  We will use cleaning products to remove the mould, stain block affected areas and remove any traces from your bathroom.